Resources – Local and Online

If you are interested in native plants in Yolo and Colusa Counties, there are a number of local organizations that can provide you with information. In addition, there are many excellent online resources.

Calochortus luteus, Bear Valley
Calochortus luteus, Bear Valley

Plant Lists

Many of these plant lists were created by the UC Davis Center for Plant Diversity (tagged as UCD here).

Audubon Bobcat Ranch (by Ellen Dean, UCD)

Grasslands Regional Park (by Jean Shepard, UCD)

Quail Ridge Reserve (by Ellen Dean, UCD)

Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve Lichens (by Ellen Dean: UCD, Judy Robertson, Shirley Tucker)

Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve Vascular Plants (by Ellen Dean and Katherine Mawdsley, UCD)

Woodland Regional Park (by Ellen Dean, UCD)


Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument: Note that this is a very large PDF file from the BLM website. It is “georeferenced”, so it can be used if you don’t have cell phone connectivity, using any georeferenced map mobile application.