CNPS Yolo Colusa Chapter

Yolo Colusa CNPS is one of 35 chapters of the California Native Plant Society. Our chapter supports research, education, and advocacy aimed at promoting natural habitat conservation to protect native plant species, especially rare and endangered taxa, in Yolo and Colusa Counties. The region includes portions of the Sacramento Valley as well as the botanically rich inner North Coast Ranges. Our activities include meetings, talks, workshops, field trips, and hikes.

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Great valley popcornflower, Plagiobothrys stipitatus var. stipitatus

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Lasthenia glabrata ssp. glabrata
Lasthenia glabrata ssp. glabrata


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Glide Tule Ranch
Glide Tule Ranch


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Tidy Tips and Lasthenia at Glide Tule Ranch
Layia and Lasthenia
Palmate-bracted bird's-beak, Chloropyron palmatum
Palmate-bracted bird’s-beak, Chloropyron palmatum, CNPS 1B.1 (SE, FE)


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