Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument Expansion Meeting

Fritillaria pluriflora at Molok Luyuk
Adobe lily, Fritillaria pluriflora, Molok Luyuk 4/3/2023.   CNPS rank 1B.2 (photo credit Charlie Russell)

Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument is a biologically diverse area in Northern California that contains at least 100 species of rare plants (per the CNPS rare plant rankings). There is a movement to expand the monument to include a botanically rich area known as Molok Luyuk / Walker Ridge (see the Expand Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument website for details). CNPS has been advocating for permanent protection for this area since 2005.

The Bureau of Land Management and USDA Forest Service hosted a public “listening session” on December 13, 2023 to accept public input on this proposal in Woodland, California. Public commentary was overwhelmingly in favor of the proposal. The meeting was absolutely packed, with every chair filled. There were additional attendees lined up along the back and walls.

Molok Luyuk public meeting
Packed meeting room (photo credit Mary Burke)

For more information on Molok Luyuk, see the following:

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