Woodland Regional Park Preserve: Pull Weeds, Help Rare Plants

San Joaquin spearscale, Extriplex joaquinana
San Joaquin spearscale, Extriplex joaquinana, CNPS 1B.2 (photo courtesy Charlie Russell)

Please join us in helping to preserve rare and endangered plants at the Woodland Regional Park Preserve by pulling invasive weeds! Although many weeds exist at this site, we are currently focusing on Stinkwort (Dittrichia graveolens), a particularly problematic invasive weed. It can be controlled if enough hands are there to pull it!

Pulling Weeds at Woodland Regional Park
(Photo courtesy Jennifer Hogan)

We are working to improve the habitat for several rare California native plants, such as Palmate-bracted bird’s-beak (Chloropyron palmatum) and San Joaquin spearscale (Extriplex joaquinana).

The next weed pulling events will be on Sundays, October 22 and 29, from 8:00 – 10:30am.

Please come out and help! If you are interested, contact Jennifer Hogan at 530-867-6236 or jen.hogan1223@att.net.

Palmate-bracted bird's-beak, Chloropyron palmatum
Palmate-bracted bird’s-beak, Chloropyron palmatum, CNPS 1B.1, SE, FE. (Photo courtesy Charlie Russell)
Woodland Regional Park
Woodland Regional Park Preserve (photo courtesy Jennifer Hogan)

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