Conze Grant Program

Conze (pronounced “Con-zee”) grants are administered by the South Coast Chapter of the CNPS.  Application is via a simple form, linked below.

The South Coast Chapter of the California Native Plant Society received a bequest of about $400,000 from the Vincent Conze Living Trust on March 5, 2009.  The Trust document states simply that the bequest is for “Native Plant Garden Projects” and the Board of Directors discussed preliminary ideas to honor this intent at special retreats on June 19 and August 24, 2009. Over the next year, the Board developed a Conze grant program with detailed criteria for evaluating funding requests, and a related grant application form that can be downloaded using the link below.

On November 1, 2010 the Board awarded the first Conze grant to Friends of the Parks, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Hermosa Beach, for the purpose of renovating the historic Theodore Payne Native Flora Area of Valley Park in Hermosa Beach.  We’ve awarded multiple Conze grants every year since.  Typical Conze Grant recipients use the award money for plant materials, but in one out-of-the-box funding request, we funded part of a mural featuring native plants.  We are grateful to Elaine Conze and her family for their generosity!

Download a copy of the Conze Grant application HERE.

You may provide supplemental information in your own format.  Supplemental information that you may want to include:

    • garden plan, sketches or annotated photos
    • drawings
    • cost documentation
    • letters of support
    • landowner permission letter
    • commitment to use nursery best management practices for disease or to purchase nursery stock from nurseries that use BMPs (see
    • planned signage
    • planned acknowledgment of the Conze grant
      • For example, in written correspondence, “Funding provided by a Conze Grant from the South Coast Chapter of the California Native Plant Society” (or “…funding also provided…” in the case where you have multiple funding streams.”

Electronic submission of the grant application by email is acceptable. For submissions, comments or questions, please use or use the board member’s email address with whom you have previous correspondence.

Conze Grant Recipients

  • Willow Springs Park mural 2022
  • Theodore Payne Native Flora Area at Hermosa Beach Valley Park / Friends of the Parks
  • CSUDH/Schoolyard Native Habitats in a Box
  • Alondra Park Island/El Camino College
  • West High School
  • Los Cerritos Wetlands Trust
  • Friends of Colorado Lagoon
  • Friends of Gardena Willows
  • Los Cerritos Wetlands Trust(II)/Seal Beach
  • Friends of Banning Museum/Barn
  • West Basin MWD/OFG – Hermosa Community Center
  • Marymount Calif. Univ.
  • Earth Science Club, CSUDH
  • Friends of the Parks, Hermosa Valley School
  • CNPS Statewide office
  • PVP Land Conservancy – Apprentice Program at White Point
  • Alondra Park Island/El Camino College
  • Elizabeth Learning Center Habitat Garden
  • Los Cerritos Wetlands Trust
  • Intellectual Virtues Academy/Schoolyard Habitat Project
  • Horticulture Program – CNPS
  • Calflora
  • Lunada Bay Homeowners Association
  • Long Beach Education Foundation/Prisk Elementary School
  • Hermosa Valley School sand dune 2015 $1,500; 2018 $1000
  • Marineland Community Association, Inc
  • Prisk School native plant garden Creek project / Prisk PTA
  • Palos Verdes Peninsula HS
  • Seed LA coordinator / Seed LA

Background of the Conze grant program

Elaine Conze was one of the 22 charter members who founded the South Coast Chapter in 1982. She was active with the Chapter through the late 1990s and passed away January 12, 2008 at the age of 97.

Andy, Elaine and Vince Conze formed the Conze Machine Shop just after World War II and provided innovative products for the auto racing industry.

Conze teams had raced at the dry lakes of Southern California in the 1930s, then became known for their oval track cars, and their attempts to win at the Indy 500 and Pikes Peak Hill climbs. Vince preferred to build and maintain the cars, while Andy managed the teams and Elaine handled the day-to-day business of the shop.

Vince never married, and Andy and Elaine never had any children of their own, though they always made their employees feel like family. Andy and Elaine created some memorable trips together. They loved primitive camping. They explored Mexican jungles to see the ancient ruins and stayed with the native Indians in their villages. They visited the Pribaloff Islands to live with Aleut Eskimos and watch the seals, walruses and exotic birdlife. They hiked, backpacked and camped in every state in the USA and all of the Provinces of Canada, except one.

The Conze Machine Shop closed in 1993 and Vince Conze passed away May 6, 2005.

Andy predeceased Elaine.

Brief History of the Conze Family

Conze Machine Shop History

Vince Conze Remembered – 1995 – need updated linkSociety of Land Speed Racing Historians

Vince Conze Obituary

“*Vince Conze passed away on May 6th at the age of 91.  A private family service will be held.   Vince was the brother of Andy Conze, and the brother-in-law of Elaine Conze.  Together these three pioneers in automotive innovation formed the famous Conze Brothers speed shop and garage.  Many racers received support from the Conze’s and used their products, including the Conze rear ends and the knock off bolts for quick tire changes.  Vince and his brothers raced at the dry lakes of Southern California in the 1930’s, then became known for their oval track cars, and their attempts to win at the Indy 500 and Pikes Peak Hill climbs.  Vince preferred to build and maintain the cars, while Andy managed the teams and Elaine handled the day to day business of the shop.  Al Unser drove Vince’s Down Tube car to victory at the Pikes Peak Hill climb and Jimmy Davies also drove for the Conze’s.”