South Coast Chapter Board Members

The chapter is governed by a Board elected by the chapter membership and operates under bylaws adopted in 2012.  The Board consists of an Executive Board (President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary), and various program chairs, such as conservation, horticulture, membership, outreach, plant sale, programs, publicity, and rare plants.

Board members are volunteers, elected by tradition at the end of the year. Terms of office are two years.  Don’t think that you have to wait to get involved, however!  It’s easy to get your feet wet as an at-large board member volunteer out of phase with the elections and we would welcome your help.

Board Roster

As of December, 2022

Executive Board

  • President: Brent Morgan
  • Vice President: Angel Garcia
  • Secretary: Rosalie Preston
  • Treasurer: Geneva Martin

At-Large Positions

  • Conservation Chair: Megan Wolff
  • Horticulture Chair: Tony Baker
  • Outreach Chair: Cathy Zyetz
  • At-Large: David Berman (previous President)
  • At-Large: Cris Sarabia
  • At-Large: Karen Thordarson
Dudleya, photo credit: David Berman