Our newsletter is Artemisia, with a quarterly publication goal.  Somewhat confusingly, the state CNPS scientific journal is also called Artemisia (formerly Fremontia).  The state made its name change in June of 2021, which makes our newsletter the original Artemisia. 😉

Artemisia newsletter takes its name from the several species of Artemisia that are locally-native.  Artemisia californica (Coastal sage brush) is probably the most common in our chapter region.  Second most common is possibly Artemisia douglasiana (California mugwort).  Both Artemisias have strongly aromatic gray-green foliage, but their appearance and growth habits differ substantially.  There are a few more Artemisias – they might make a fun treasure hunt in our region!

Artemisia newsletters were actually handwritten calligraphy until 1991 — cool stuff!!

We email (generally twice monthly) a reminder about our meetings and events.

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