CNPS South Coast Chapter

South Coast Chapter of the CNPS (in red)
South Coast Chapter of the CNPS (in red)

The South Coast (Los Angeles / Long Beach) Chapter of the California Native Plant Society (SCCNPS), founded in 1982, is one of 35 chapters of the California Native Plant Society (CNPS).  It is located in the greater southern Los Angeles area and includes Catalina and San Clemente Islands (see map).  The CNPS, originally formed in 1965 in the East Bay region, is a statewide non-profit organization of amateurs and professionals with a common interest in California’s native plants. The Society, working through its local chapters and statewide programs, seeks to increase citizen understanding of California’s native flora and the impact of native plants on the state’s ecosystems, including home gardens. Membership is open to everyone.

The chapter is governed by a Board elected by the chapter membership and operates under bylaws adopted in 2012 and consists of an Executive Board (president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary), and various program chairs, such as conservation, horticulture, membership, outreach, plant sale, programs, publicity, and rare plants.

In addition to a history of advocacy for conservation and restoration of open space, our chapter has a strong horticultural emphasis. We sponsor an annual fall plant sale, monthly public programs about native plants and related subjects, and an annual Spring Garden Tour, all described and announced on our website. We maintain a native plant garden at the Point Vicente Interpretive Center (PVIC) in the City of Rancho Palos Verdes. (RPV). Members may engage in weed eradication, rare plant monitoring, seed collection, plant community sampling, community outreach, and other chapter programs.

In light of the persistent drought conditions faced by the whole state, the CNPS mission and activities are more important than ever, emphasizing as they do water conservation, erosion control, and habitat formation.  Get involved! Help grow CNPS and support our mission to protect, conserve and enjoy California’s native plants and their habitats. Volunteering may be a single task or an ongoing commitment. Learn about how you can get involved as a volunteer!

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