El Segundo Blue video from SBPC

Last season during the El Segundo Blue butterfly walks, one of the wonderful South Bay Parkland Conservancy volunteers who is also a photographer and has extensive film-making experience, very generously dedicated his time to photograph and video these tiny butterflies.

We are excited to share with you the results of his hard work (a big thank you to Dan Fort), Mary Simun’s narration and Ann Dalkey’s guidance and education.
South Bay Parkland Conservancy Biologist and Educator leads viewers on a short journey to learn about the unique El Segundo Blue Butterfly (Euphilotes allyni). On June 1, 1976, the El Segundo blue butterfly was officially listed as an endangered species. This determination meant that additional resources would be provided by the US Fish and Wildlife Service to help the El Segundo blue butterfly increase its range and population size. While most people are familiar with monarch butterflies that migrate from the interior of the USA to either Mexico or California through multiple generations, the El Segundo blue (Euphilotes allyni) has a different life cycle approach. This butterfly is known as a single-brood butterfly, meaning that it only reproduces once a year within a specific time window. And to reproduce, it needs a specific plant, the sea-cliff buckwheat (Eriogonum parvifolium), which grows on our local sand dunes and cliffs. For more information visit southbayparks.org and esbcoalition.org Created by South Bay Parkland Conservancy Videographer – Dan Fort Biologist/Educator – Mary Simun

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