California Wildflowers 2024

Wildflower season is upon us!

Why do we have such gorgeous annual wildflowers that live for a short spring season before going to seed? It has to do with California’s special climate. It makes more sense for these flowers to be annuals with a seasonal life cycle. That way they don’t have to survive the state’s hot and dry summers. They can instead leave a new generation, in the form of seeds, to spring forth in the coming years.

We’re happy to share the CNPS landing page for wildflower season which includes a map of where to see wildflowers.

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Enjoy Responsibly!

  1. Stay on trails to protect the wildflowers and their seeds.
  2. Respect the local community by following signs and rules.
  3. Take only photos.
  4. Leave no trace. Pack out trash, and let Mother Nature set the scene.

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