Jan 8 – Megan Wolff on Eight years Gardening for Conservation on the Palos Verdes Coastline


Megan Wolff will discuss the Point Vicente Interpretive Center demonstration garden including the garden goals, progress over time, and species of interest. The garden was installed and is maintained with the help of the South Coast Chapter of the CNPS.  One of the main goals of the garden is to spread awareness about California native plants and use the garden as a template for inspiration in local home gardens. The garden’s focus has shifted over time to introduce more local plant species to the Palos Verdes Peninsula as opposed to  cultivated species. Songbirds, butterflies such as the El Segundo Blue, and beetles use the demonstration garden, even with its limited size. The garden follows the CNPS mission of plant conservation by hosting rare species such as island green Dudleya. This work has been completed with support from the South Coast Chapter of the CNPS, community volunteers, and the City of Rancho Palos Verdes.

Megan Wolff and volunteers at PVIC 12/2023
Megan Wolff and volunteers at PVIC 12/2023

Megan Wolff is an experienced restoration ecologist and she lends her experience with native habitats and applies them to the garden setting. She has been managing the Point Vicente Demonstration Garden since December 2015 while working with Tidal Influence and various consulting projects. Megan worked at the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy leading stewardship volunteer programs for nearly seven years starting in 2016 and returned to Tidal Influence as an Assistant Restoration Ecologist in 2022 She holds a M.A. in Biology where her degree focus was on the conservation of the federally endangered El Segundo blue butterfly which lives in the PVIC garden.

Megan Wolff and volunteers at PVIC 12/2023


See the YouTube presentation at https://youtu.be/HB1St6P1eWU

Dee’s summary (Thank you Dee!).

Megan Wolff gave a beautiful presentation about PVIC.
It was SO great to hear her voice and the information she shared about PVIC (Palos Verdes Interpretive Center) tonight.
PVIC is less than 1 acre.
Megan discussed issues with overgrowth of California buckwheat and replaced most (all?) of it with Seacliff Buckwheat.
She discussed the micro-tubing irrigation being chewed on by “critters” and has to do monthly maintenance, and considering replacing the current irrigation with a different system, recognizing the benefits of irrigation.  (she stressed earlier it was one of the important changes made in the garden)
If you want to volunteer at PVIC, she has regular volunteer days on:
3rd Sundays of each month, 10a-12n.  Some portion of the day is education.
contact: megan@SCCNPS.org
Recommend to contact her at the email above to make sure the volunteer day will happen as planned, especially if a first-time volunteer and around holidays.
(for those of us who work at White Point Demonstration Garden this opportunity doesn’t conflict with our work at WP garden, but only as additional work, please.  We need you at WP.)


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