Dec 4th, 2023: Your Pictures Are Wanted! Picture/Art and Dessert Sharing

Afterward: There’s no YouTube video this month.  Instead, Dee sent the following notes:

tonight was a great meeting.  My notes got lost, so I’m re-creating them here.

Write to SCCNPS at if you can accommodate an attendee of the Chapter Council in 2024 in a spare bedroom. Some are looking for affordable space to stay from Thurs to Sun during the event.
Joleen is interested in finding people to plant a public space in SP with native plants. The plants are available, they need the labor to put them in the ground.
If you can help, notify her also via
Brent’s photos were a great start! He shared photos of a space in at the San Pedro Y that might turn into a fantastic garden.  He also shared some photos of native areas he’s visited in San Diego area (Torrey Pines Reserve), and Point Loma botanical garden that had a seed sharing library and low-to-the ground signage to encourage younger children to participate in activities.
Nice photos from Sue, Sally, and Rosalie.
A presentation from Karen, I believe, for her lawn replacement project. David B’s photos were gorgeous.


Join us on December 4th at from 6PM to 8PM and share your best dessert and your best photos / art featuring California Native Plants!  This is an in-person meeting.  Note the early start time.

Bring a dessert to share and your best native plant photos from 2023!


Madrona Marsh Nature Center

3201 Plaza del Amo, Torrance, CA 90503

Artists often perform their best when they work around constraints, so prepare your art featuring Ca native plants ahead of time and plan for no more than 10 minutes of presentation time and 20 photos or less for best impact.  You must have some native plant content in each photo or art piece.  Questions are encouraged with each presentation, but we do want to get to everyone who has photos to share, so we might limit questions if time is in question.

Typically presentations are photos, but songs, poems, and other art are welcome.

There will be informal and jovial community judging of best dessert.  Bring your best dessert – bonus for California native plant related desserts.

We will bring our garden seed library which we will open to our membership on a donate-the-amount-you-want basis.

Contact for a link to upload your presentation to a Google share drive or email your presentation (please at least consolidate your pictures into a zip file).

Alternatively, you may present from your computer, your cloud storage, or your thumb drive.  Those who have uploaded their photos will present first and those who do otherwise will present if time allows.

Some people like to present a travelogue of the past year. I like backpacking and hiking photos, but this year I’m hoping to also show good native plant gardens. You might remix a photo into another piece of art and talk about your process. It’s wide open, but there is a time limit.




  1. Dear CNPS,
    My name is Liana and I’m going to be moving out of the South Bay and I have a whole box of slides of the trees of El Camino College and also slides of the wildflowers and trees of the Santa Monica Mountains that my Botany teacher gave me. I would like them to go to a good home. If you are interested, please contact me. Thank you.
    Liana Argento

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