Puvungna / Friends of Puvungna

Puvungna (also Puvunga) is indigenous peoples’ name for the sacred site located within and near present day California State University, Long Beach.  Puvungna is sacred to the Tongva and Acjachemen, but its preservation has faced many challenges.  Today, Long Beach State has entered into a “restrictive covenant … to preserve this asset for the public good”

Friends of Puvungna (and @protectpuvunga)  is the 501(c)(3) nonprofit working toward becoming an official land conservancy organization in order to be granted caretaker status of the 10 acres of Puvungna that are going into conservation easement.  Alongside this long-term goal, Friends of Puvungna will continue working to educate, hold ceremony, and heal and build the Puvungna community, seeking additional protections and grants to help us preserve Puvungna for future generations!

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