What’s all this about POAPs?

You might be thinking that the subject line is a typo, but it’s not.  We are issuing a digital collectible called a POAPs (say “Poe-app”) for our Fall plant sale!  POAP is an acronym for Proof of Attendance Protocol, a method of issuing unique digital collectibles or badges that prove you’ve been at an event.   Over time, a collection of POAPs is a durable way of keeping your memories of events alive. The POAP we are issuing is a watercolor painting of Castilleja species and looks like this:

castilleja watercolor, our 2023 Fall plant sale POAP graphic

You can right click and save it if you want to, but if you want to prove ownership of your very own POAP and get the higher res version, then you have to appear in person at the Fall plant sale where we will issue you one of a limited number of unique minting links (the minting link is a unique URL that you use in your web browser, like minting a coin).  First come, first serve.  There is no cost to get a minting link, nor any required purchase – just be there in-person.  Each mint link will entitle a collector to mint one POAP from this drop

Once you have your minting link, you can use your email address to claim your POAP or a digital wallet (instructions provided).  There is never any cost.  Whatever your method, do it by Nov 16, 10:59 PM (UTC -07:00), because the opportunity expires at that time.

A POAP is a non-fungible token or NFT.  Minting your POAP creates a serialized record, symbolized with a graphical badge, that is your proof and memento of attending an event or experience.  The Motley Fool has an approachable article and another good place to get information is the POAP website.

Our dollar cost is zero to try this experiment and the carbon footprint of the compute power to issue the POAP is offset 10x.  POAPs are not regarded as valuable collectible items, any more than concert tickets (after the concert) are regarded as collectible, so join us in a bit of commemorative fun.  Future events are planned to have POAP issuance as well, so plan on collecting a bunch!


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