Reasoned objection to AB-1573

Charles Miller of Los Angeles Climate Reality makes the case AGAINST AB-1573 in its current form.  CNPS had previously sent an email urging support, which we forwarded to membership, and which we continue to support.  However, since we encourage thoughtful consideration of all sides of an issue and we thought we would surface Climate Reality’s position to our membership through our email this month and this blog post.

Miller feels the bill is insufficient to address climate and biodiversity.  He writes, “The exemptions added to the current bill are so vague and broad that I’ve already heard private comments in LA from city employees suggesting they will not have to change anything.  While I appreciate that you’ve decided to continue to support this version, it’s not good enough, considering the climate and biodiversity crises we face.  And if this version passes, we are concerned that the issue will be considered “dealt with” by politicians. “
At heart, is that the bill originally had a 75% native plant provision, but now has only a 25% provision.  Read his complete thoughts here, in a nicely-crafted letter.
Update from CNPS 9/8/2023: AB 1573 Reaches a Stopping Point

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