Two Native Plant Garden Help Resources

Occasionally we are asked where to find garden helpers who have a background or training in native plants (for tasks such as maintenance, design, installation, etc. ).  One place to look is the CNPS member discounts page (which was posted here yesterday).  While the bulk of the listings are nurseries, there are also design and maintenance services listed there, and a discount is offered to CNPS members.

It has also long been rumored that a good regional resource for southern California garden assistance is the Theodore Payne Foundation, which we all know as a great nursery.  However, you would be believable if you told me that you had looked for that resource and were unable to locate it; It took me quite a bit of searching around to find it, and I had the certain knowledge that it existed recently, so surely it was still around…And it was!  Ladies and gentlemen, I present: The Theodore Payne Job BoardThe Theodore Payne Foundation job board connects employers, landscape managers and homeowners to Southern California landscape professionals with a commitment to native plant, drought tolerant and environmentally friendly landscapes. Postings can be submitted by anyone with a job or freelance work opportunity, including homeowners looking for garden design or maintenance.

TPF job board resource are offered through the Theodore Payne Foundation’s Professional Education Portal (PEP) which offers learning opportunities and a vibrant online community for working and aspiring landscape professionals in Southern California. TPF PEP is only subtly linked from their main nursery site. TPF – if you make this more obvious, please let me know and we will celebrate the upgrade together. In the meantime, readers please also check out the TPF Ed Foundation home page – they are doing good things!


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