Palos Verdes Peninsula Native Plants online flora

Neil Uelman writes to let us know that he is working on an online flora for the Palos Verdes Peninsula (e-flora or e-field guide).  You all know Neil from his general botany talk to the chapter and his interest in bryophtes.

… Here is my field research website that I was telling you about with the peninsulas eflora on it. I am still uploading things to the eflora as well as adding more stuff to the website (everything is still in the early stages). The eflora is free to access and downloadable. I would love to have … chapter members use the eflora as a resource if that is cool with the chapter.

It’s definitely cool with the Chapter, Neil.  What a gift to gardeners and aspiring  botanists!

Neil’s site has more than just a flora – he’s collected his botany publications as well.  We’ll be keeping up with his updates!
Follow this link to site’s home page: Palos Verdes Peninsula Native Plants


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