February 6, 2023: Barbara Chung on Container Gardening


Even the littlest garden can support an abundance of life. Join us to hear Barbara Chung share stories about her native plant container garden, a small patio that is home to over 200 plants and a mini-nursery that yielded another 400 plants last year. Barbara will talk about how the garden came into being, her original vision for it and how it evolved with lessons learned along the way, and the wildlife visitors who frequent the space. This garden shows that even in an urban setting, even without land, even without significant cash outlay, we can make our spaces part of the natural world and live in harmony with it.

About the Speaker

Barbara Chung is a writer, poet, and naturalist. She is the author of the poetry collection Sunlight and the chapbook Heart. Along with writing, she serves as a business strategy advisor and tends her garden, a certified wildlife habitat. Barbara holds an A.B. in English from Harvard University, an M.B.A. from UCLA Anderson School of Management, and a California Naturalist certification. She lives in Santa Monica, California.

See the Medium article, Barbara Chung on Habitat Restoration, Container Gardening, and Their Lessons on Relationships for additional information.

Barbara can be found on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook at @BarbaraHChung.


Our meeting will be at 7:30 PM via Zoom

She has 150 sq feet of patio space, all brick paved, and uses containers for her plants. approximately 2/3 of her 200-400 plants are So Cal natives.
Her talk and Garden is separated to 5 parts
Kitchen (peppers)
Succulents (entry level, jade)
Aromatherapy (salvias)
Coastal & Chapparal

See a recording of the Zoom call on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDQmHwmtknjz2T5eJLc30iQ


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