SCCNPS’ Cris Sarabia on Cultivating Place Podcast

The following item from CNPS News, received via email on 1/11/23, reminded me that our own Cris Sarabia was recently interviewed on the Cultivating Place podcast (Dec 22, 2022).  Find Cris’ interview hereCultivating Place is subtitled, “Conversations on natural history & the human impulse to garden” which is an apt description.

Find CNPS on the Cultivating Place Podcast 

Cultivating Place is a podcast about gardens and gardeners all over the world, exploring what it means to garden and why we do it. We were honored to have Jennifer Jewell, the host of Cultivating Place, present as a plenary speaker at the CNPS 2022 Conference. On Thursday, January 12, the podcast will feature CNPS Executive Director Jun Bando and Senior Director of Public Affairs Liv O’Keeffe. As part of a series, they will talk about California’s 30×30 initiative, the commitment to preserve 30% of California’s land and water by 2030. Jun and Liv also detail CNPS’s ongoing work to center the values of diversity, equity, justice, and inclusion in the native plant world and how that goal was front and center in the recent CNPS 2022 Conference. Visit Cultivating Place on Thursday, January 12 to find the episode. Click here to learn more about 30×30 and CNPS’s involvement.

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