Manzanita Bitters

Hunter & Co’s
Very Justly Celebrated

If you want to drink an exceedingly pleasant and healthy Tonic and at the same time Encourage Home Manufacture, Try this splendid article. It has never been advertised, and is comparatively new, but its own merits have already caused it to be so widely known and so immensely popular, that the thousand and one kinds of TRASH imported and purporting to be imported from the States and palmed off upon the public as good HEALTHY Bitters, are being driven from the market.

Nearly all old California miners are acquainted with the virtue of the MANZANITA bush, from EXPERIENCE, besides which, it has been pronounced to contain rare medical properties, by some of the first physicians and chemists of the age, and we assure the public that it has lost nothing in the compound. Aside from it, one of the principle ingredients being CALIFORNIA WINE.

HUNTER & CO., Sole Proprietors
Market Street, SAN FRANCISCO
For Sale EVERYWHERE de24m3

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