Plant Heist Documentary

Plant Heist is a short (~18 minute) documentary that showcases the crime of Dudleya poaching along California’s northern coastline. It played at SXSW in 2021 and is available on YouTube (

I watched it the other day and I thought it was reasonably well-done. One of the high points of the film for me was some of the beauty shots of Dudleya species. I saw it with someone who is not a native plant fanboy, and they had an appropriate outrage at the theft of our natural resources, and were appreciative of the natural beauty showcased in the film.

Recall that the chapter recently participated in the world premier of Saging the World documentary, also less than 30 minutes, about poaching white sage and had a meeting with its producer, David Bryant.  Saging the World is not yet available to stream.

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