Native Plant Sale – 2022 (wrap up)

Thank you to the volunteers who helped at the plant sale. It wouldn’t happen without you!

2022 Plant Sale

The PVP Land Conservancy grew out the plants that we sold and Cris Sarabia was our main contact there. Geneva Martin got our web storefront up and operational. On Friday we had Geeta Gupta, Karen Thordarson, Philip Tom, Mike Letteriello, Cynthia Jackson, Angel Garcia, Rosalie Preston, Geneva Martin, Tony Baker, and Cathy Zyetz to unload and organize the plants. They had the hard task of receiving and inventorying by 11 AM, then moving the plants from outside of the building into the lobby area and the atrium for overnight storage.

Saturday volunteers started at 8:00 AM and most worked until we closed down after 2:00. They included Karen Thordarson, Gunnar Thordarson, Geneva Martin, Angel Garcia, Brent Morgan, Betty Starr, Cathy Zyetz, and Julie Decker. Chris Sarabia, Mike Letteriello from Prisk, and David Berman came by to help and cheer us on as well.

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