LA BioBlitz Challenge 2022: Map/Identify Critical Locations for Conservation

If you already have or can quickly obtain photo documentation pertaining to native plants, then this effort seems like a good place to share it.

The list of indicator species in somewhat short, but one of them that is readily identifiable to most readers of this web site is Toyon.

Help the City of Los Angeles collect 10,000 observations of wildlife and plants by September 30!

We want to invite everyone living, visiting, and/or working in the City of LA to participate in the LA BioBlitz Challenge 2022 ( that is going on right now until September 30.

With your help, the City’s biodiversity team will be able to gather the amount of data needed to map/identify critical locations for habitat conservation and better understand the distribution of wildlife and plants. All this knowledge will be vital to helping the City achieve its CA 30×30 goals.

Explore your neighborhood or visit observation cold spots near you ( to map observations and help researchers understand which species live there.

To complete the challenge, join the LA BioBlitz Challenge 2022 project on iNaturalist. Upload at least 10 observations—including 3 or more indicator species and at least 1 observation in a data cold spot —to complete the #LABioBlitz Challenge and qualify for a prize drawing.

We look forward to seeing your observations on iNaturalist and Happy BioBlitzing!

A map of observations in the City of LA shows many areas without observations!

Somewhere near you, LA Bioblitz needs data!

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