June 6, 2022: Native plants and pollination with Jorge Ochoa of LBCC

Pollination is done not just by honey bees. Come learn about the many insects that pollinate native plants. The intricate relationship between the native plants and their pollinators will be the focus.



Jorge Ochoa is Associate Professor of Horticulture at Long Beach City College and Program Director for Long Beach City College’s Horticulture Program.

His botanic interests are many: Jorge has walked, he says, through about 95% of Long Beach to inventory its trees. He has advised the city on policies, including the Long Beach Water Department’s Lawn-To-Garden Turf Replacement Program, an incentive program to encourage the replacement of lawns with water-wise plantings. With his horticulture students, he has organized major plants sales at LBCC. But it may be his enthusiasm that is his most endearing hallmark.

The 2007 fire in Griffith Park gave Jorge the opportunity to cooperate on the Wildlife Management Plan, while monitoring the recovery of flora. He also was a contributor to the Friends of Griffith Park (FoGP)-sponsored Rare Plant Survey. His interest in plants extends to their interactions and synergies with wildlife.

He continues to advise FoGP on Fern Dell revitalization and has nurtured ferns for future restoration. Jorge also remains involved with Griffith Park through leading hikes, seminars and his ongoing documentation of the vegetation of the park. He often brings students along when leading flora hikes for us in Griffith Park.

Read more about Jorge Ochoa’s other interests here: https://www.lbcc.edu/staff-highlights/passion-garden and here: https://youtu.be/xSQ89XSFgnU




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