A Starter Guide To Replacing Thirsty Lawn With Drought-Tolerant Foliage

Upgrade your lawn to a native garden!  Why?  A recent article in LAist tells you why, …Most crucially, native plants require far less water than many other plants and greens. Native plant gardens, on average, use a seventh of the water of a typical L.A. garden. They don’t require supplements such as fertilizer and they don’t need a weekly haircut.  Native plants are also better adapted to the local environment and they do a better job of providing ecological services, such as habitat. “It’s such a difference when you convert to native plants,”…”

LAist, the well-regarded Los Angeles area news and media hub, tells you much more in their recent article: Native Plants 101: A Starter Guide To Replacing Your Thirsty Lawn With Drought-Tolerant Foliage. The article is a good starting point if you are considering an upgrade from lawn to natives and features a number of photos of native plants in local gardens.


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