Feb 7, 2022: Long Beach Native Plant Parkways Program

General Meeting: February 7, 2022 – Tina Fann & Milo Yukimoto on the Long Beach Native Plant Parkways Program

Notes After Meeting

Great presentation by Tina Fann – Long Beach Water Dept – Converting Parkways from Turf to Native Plants.
Nurseries are Garibaldo’s Nursery and Ricardo’s Nursery
Mulch & paving stones (Arizona flagstone) are provided by SiteOne Landscape Supply
Fully funded – funds provided by LBWD
102 parkways converted – pilot program. Feb 2020 – Dec 2021
Bixby Knolls “National Park” – at Long Beach Blvd & Roosevelt Rd.
Bloom California: https://bloomcalifornia.org/ provides additional templates for Cal Native Gardens.

DIG (Direct Install Gardens) in N. Long Beach – Milo Yukimoto
Converting front yards from turf to Cal friendly plants
4 templates – Cal Native, Mediterranean, Succulent, and Mixed
Landscape Architect is California Eco Designs. www.calecodesigns.com
Conservation Corps of Long Beach (CCLB) does the turf removal. Provides jobs & training to at-risk youth.

They have planted 4 native oaks.
A guidebook is available for maintenance & pruning info.
Launched in May 2020 – 10 yards have utilized the program.
The census area is between Cherry & Orange (east/west), and between 52nd and 58th (north/south).

Additionally planted 56 trees at Jackson Park, partnering with the LB Parks Dept.
more info about these LB programs here: https://liveh2olb.com/

Long Beach Native Plant Parkways Program

Join us by Zoom on January 3rd when we will hear from Tina Fann and Milo Yukimoto about Long Beach City’s Native Plant Parkways Program, developed in partnership with the California Native Plant Society and launched in early 2020.  LB Water Department has been a leader in the water conservation movement and has proven success while working with the community to implement water saving measures all while creating quality habitat with California Native Plants.

The Native Plant Parkway Program offers FREE California native plants, mulch, and stepping stones for homeowners wishing to replace the turf grass in their parkways (the small landscaped area between the sidewalk and the curb).  Several pre-fabricated designs are offered. The Parkway Program makes turf replacement easier than traditional landscape conversion rebate programs—participants can choose from 5 pre-designed plant palettes, and the mulch and stones are delivered directly to their home. The pilot period ran an extremely successful course and reached its goal of converting 100 parkways. The Parkway Program is now an on-going program offered to Long Beach Water customers year-round. In addition to promoting water conservation, the parkway projects showcase the beauty of California native plants and support local pollinators and other wildlife!

DIG Summary:

The Direct Install Gardens (DIG) Pilot Program was created to provide homeowners in low income neighborhoods affected by environmental pollution with a sustainable water-wise landscape. Long Beach Water Department partners with Coastal Conservancy and Conservation Corps of Long Beach to handle all turf removal and garden installs at no cost to residents. DIG gardens are designed to reduce runoff, capture and sequester carbon dioxide, and create habitats for birds and insects.

Tina Fann Bio:

Tina Fann joined the Long Beach Water Department in January 2021. Aside from managing the Parkway Program, she also works with the Certified Blue Restaurant Program and tends to the conservation garden at the front office. Tina holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Management from UC Davis, where she enjoyed her time volunteering at the Student Farm and Ecological garden.


Milo Yukimoto Bio:

Milo Yukimoto has been with LBWD for 2 ½ years where he actively works on various water resources and conservation projects such as Direct Install Gardens (DIG), Direct Installation for Multi-Family Efficiency (DIME), and Water Loss Program. He has a MS in Civil Engineering with an emphasis on Water Resource Engineering from Loyola Marymount University, and a BS in Biology from University of California, Los Angeles. In his free time, Milo enjoys camping, playing sports, and spending time outdoors.


The meeting starts at 7:30.

This meeting is via Zoom.  Look to your email for invitation.  Contact us to be added to the invitation list.

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