Fall 2021 Plant Sale

2021 Plant Sale

Plant sale will be online this year. Order online starting on the 14th through the 26th. Pick ups on October 2nd.

Use this URL to start the ordering process: https://california-native-plant-society.square.site/shop/south-coast/18

It will take you to the South Coast store page. Make sure “South Coast” is indicated in bold on the left hand side of the page.

  • Click on the plant you want, select an option (if there is one) of size and make sure South Coast appears in the option you choose. (For example “South Coast > Achillea millefolium, Common Yarrow “)
  • Chose the quantity you would like
  • Click add to cart
  • Repeat for each plant
  • When you are done shopping click checkout
  • Fill in your details, adding your email and phone number which are important in case there is a question about your order, click NEXT
  • In the pickup window make sure you click the boxes:
  • “Schedule for later”
  • “request curbside pickup” and the details about your car or order is there is something unusual (like you can’t pick it up on the date and you made arrangements)
  • Select October 2 and the time you would like to pick it up.
  • Fill in your payment information and “Apply”
  • Submit your order.
  • Print out your order, at the bottom of the order it will have the information about who ordered it and your contact information and your pickup time and location.

      1. Paul – we are so sorry that it wasn’t working for you. It looks like your comment may have been made after the sale ended, so perhaps that was the issue.

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