Tracy Drake: City of Torrance Native Plant Projects, July 5, 2021

General Meeting – June 7, 2021

City of Torrance Native Plant Projects

Our holiday weekend meeting on July 5th features Tracy Drake, the Park Services Manager for the City of Torrance. You may know her better as the former Manager of the Native Center at Madrona Marsh

Tracy will talk about Torrance’s projects to grow and then plant native plants in public spaces, such as near the city yard and around the West Annex.

The meeting starts at 7:30. 

This meeting is via Zoom.  Look to your email for invitation.  Contact us to be added to the invitation list.


  1. Hello Tracy,

    I am pretty sure you are the right person I am trying to contact. On eBird, I see your name often and today you saw many swinhos’s. I want to see them very badly and I am told they are everywhere, but Not for me!
    Robb Hamilton can tell you I am obsessed. Can you tell me where you saw them today at Colorado Lagoon where I never see any birds. I’m not looking in the right place. Thanks so much.

    Debbie Goldfarb
    Santa Monica

    1. It’s unlikely Tracy will see your question, but you may be able to successfully contact her at work. A quick Google for Tracy Drake City of Torrance should turn up a viable email address.

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