Markos Major: Sidewalk Gardening – May 3, 2021

General Meeting – May 3, 2021

Sidewalk Gardening

Join Markos Major of Climate Action Now! (CAN!) to talk about sidewalk gardening with an example from the San Francisco Sunset Boulevard Climate Corridor.

Markos will delve into the creative possibilities and rich experiences of native gardening in California cities. He’ll discuss opportunities to transform urban spaces into habitat from both the renters and homeowners perspective. He will be sharing the collaborative experience of cultivating native plants within a community.

The transformation from gray pavement to green sidewalk gardens is a total win for property owners and the neighborhood.  Whether you remove a little or a lot, the feel of the space totally changes.  Birds come back to the neighborhood, butterflies and bees stop by to forage. Cultivate life in the sidewalk today!

Sidewalk Garden Benefits:

Sidewalk gardens make oxygen and clean the air
Sidewalk gardens restore watersheds and aquifers
Sidewalk gardens reduce pressure on the City’s combined sewer system
Sidewalk gardens cultivate valuable habitat for local wildlife
Sidewalk gardens create opportunities for neighbors to gather in the public right-of-way, sustaining community interaction and communication
Sidewalk gardens create a more livable city for all humans and creatures alike
Sidewalk gardens sequester carbon to offset carbon emissions

CAN! cultivates educational and ecological resilience by removing pavement to create organic gardens.  CAN! also believes that all people deserve access to clean drinking water, safe open-spaces, nutritious organic food and healthy meaningful work.  All of our programs work to cultivate social changes that lead to sustainability in these areas.
The meeting starts at 7:30.  Generally, someone will be present prior to the start time to let you in.

This meeting is via Zoom.  Look to your email for invitation.  Contact us to be added to the invitation list.

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