Letter on Portuguese Bend Landslide Mitigation Project

The following letter was sent in accordance with our Mission Statement.

Dear Honorable Mayor, Members of the City Council and City Staff,
The South Coast California Native Plant Society (SCCNPS) chapter would like to thank you for the
opportunity to comment on subject Notice of Preparation (NOP).

SCCNPS recognizes the considerable effort the city of Rancho Palos Verdes has undergone to reduce the
impact of the Portuguese Bend Landslide Complex (PBLC) to Palos Verdes Drive South (PVDS), a major
traffic artery, and to sewer services for the residents located in the PBLC.

The proposed Portuguese Bend Landslide Mitigation Project (Project) covering three construction and
installation phases raises concerns that will impact the coastal sage scrub ecosystem. This ecosystem
provides considerable aesthetic value to the Palos Verdes Peninsula while delivering environmental
value to endangered species that cannot be replaced. The area also is a part of the Pacific Flyway and
would impact the area’s contribution to migration path. The SCCNPS considers the PBLC as the largest
example of existing California native plants within the South Coast chapter and want to express
concerns regarding the proposed Project and it impacts.

See the entire letter: cnps landslide letter Jan 2021

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