Elections and Photo Sharing – Dec 7, 2020

General Meeting – December 7, 2020

Get your best photos ready to share because our meeting will feature Board elections and photo sharing!

Nominations and Elections

Nominations any time and voting at our December 7th meeting! CNPS is seeking new board members at both the state level (Treasurer and other positions) and our local South Coast CNPS Chapter (Conservation co-chair, Publicity, At Large, Membership).  Please contact us if you or someone you know is interested. You may self-nominate. The board meets monthly (via Zoom since 3/2020), usually before each general meeting.

In keeping with wider social awakening in 2020, we see one of our missions as diversity. Like a diverse plant community, we believe that we are stronger and more resilient as a coalition of diverse native plant enthusiasts.

Photo Sharing

There are two ways to share photos this year:

  1. Email us to be added to a shared Google Drive. Combine your images in one file (like a pdf or ppt) and upload to the Google Drive. Alternatively, upload individual photos to a folder that you create and one of the Zoom meeting leaders can present them while you narrate. Hint: Use a file naming convention to preserve presentation order. For example, if you have several jpg photos then something like 01_first_photo.jpg, 02_second_photo.jpg would go in numeric order.
  2. Have the photos ready to go on your computer and you can share the viewing application to our screens!

We want everyone to have a chance to share, so you can’t have unlimited time, but we will do our best to give you the time you need.

Location and Time

The meeting starts at 7:30.  Generally, someone will be present prior to the start time to let you in.

This meeting is via Zoom.  Look to your email for invitation.  Contact us to be added to the invitation list.

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