Tony Tubbs: Creating a Native Plant Garden with Community Involvement

October 5, 2020 General Meeting 7:30PM

“Creating a Native Plant Garden with Community Involvement”

This meeting will be a virtual tour with CNPS Garden Ambassador, Tony Tubbs, as he is interviewed by Mike Evans, owner of Tree of Life Nursery. Tony is a member of the Orange County CNPS Chapter.  Mike and Tony will stroll through the native plant gardens at Tesoro HS and discuss a wide range of topics with a special emphasis on community involvement.  Tony will answer questions after the tour.

Tony lives in Trabuco Canyon with his wife and 4 children and has been a Biology Teacher at Tesoro High School for 30 years, Ecology Club Advisor, and CNPS Garden Ambassador.

Tony’s favorite California native plants

  • Sage (Salvia ssp.)—Any type! I love their scent in the garden.
  • Coast live oak (Quercus agrifolia)—A beautiful, majestic tree. I respect and admire its importance to the California Indians of the past and present.
  • California Buckwheat (Eriogonum fasciculatum) — A strong, hardy, classic California native that is consistently full of life all year around – from insects to arachnids to birds.

About the gardens

Garden Locations:  We have a more than one garden!  The California Native Plant Garden is on the left side (south) of the campus, at the end of Tesoro Creek Rd.  The Nature Trail, which includes a California Indian and Pollinator Garden, is at the back of the school.

Garden Sizes:  The CA Native Plant Garden is approximately 12,000-15,000 square feet.  The Nature Trail, along with its gardens and amphitheater seating area, is roughly 2 acres.

Year Planted:  2014

Design and Installation:  I designed the gardens, and approximately 50 Tesoro High School students helped plant the first round of plants.  Biology students, Ecology Club members, Boy and Girl Scouts, sports team members, elementary and middle school students, parents, and community members have all helped construct these gardens.


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