Annual Native Plant Sale (online with no-contact pickup)

Annual Native Plant Sale

Order Online starting Sept 26 for pickup Oct 3.

Because of COVID-19, we have an easy online ordering system and non-contact pickup for this year’s native plant sale.

Simply order online and drive by later for non-contact pickup:
Browse the plant list, order, and pay HERE ( or follow the link from our web site) between Saturday, Sept 26th and 8PM Thursday, Oct 1st.  The web site opens for sales to the South Coast chapter no earlier than Sept 26th and early ordering allows us time to process the orders before the pickup date.)

On Oct 3, drive by the Madrona Marsh Nature Center parking lot ( 3201 Plaza del Amo, Torrance, CA 90503 )on for non-contact pickup.

All plants this year are grown at the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy native plant nursery so you can be assured of high quality, locally-sourced, plants.

Detailed web ordering directions:

Click on the plant you want, select an option (if there is one) of size and make sure the text “South Coast-SOC” Click on the plant you want.  Other CNPS Chapters are also using the same site and sales may run concurrently, so don’t make the mistake of buying from a sale that isn’t in your area!
Chose the quantity you would like
Click add to cart.
When you are done shopping click checkout
Fill in your details, adding your email and phone number are important in case there is a question about your order, click NEXT
In the pickup window make sure you click the boxes:
a. “Schedule for later”
b. “request curbside pickup” and the details about your car or order is there is something unusual (like you can’t pick it up on the date and you made arrangements)
c. Select Oct 3 and the time you would like to pick it up.
Fill in your payment information and “Apply”
Submit your order.
Print out your order.  At the bottom of the order it will have the information about who ordered it and your contact information and your pickup time and location.

Plant Sale List

2020 cnps plant sale <–Link to Print List

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