Board Member Election - Our board election is complete and successful! We are very excited to welcome our new 2024 board!

Message from David Campbell, Sierra Foothills Chapter President

WELCOME to the 2024 Sierra Foothills Chapter Board of Directors! We are very excited to welcome many new members to the Chapter’s 2024 Board of Directors. The new board represents all four of our counties, long time residents, new additions, and they bring a diversity of experience and skill sets to the organization.. Thank you to our members who voted and responded to our questionnaire. The election had no contested positions, so the outcome wasn’t a surprise. It was, however, beneficial to receive feedback from many of you. Several members responded to join standing committees or volunteer in other capacities. The personal notes were also a pleasure to read.

WE SENT THE BALLOT and questionnaire to all members, including those that list us as their first or second chapter. We have 388 members and 146 of those list Sierra Foothills as their first chapter. We received 44 responses out of our 388 members, about 12%. Of the 146 members who list Sierra Foothills as their first chapter, we received 26 responses, about 18%. In the January newsletter, we’ll provide a more in depth look at our chapter’s makeup and responses to the questionnaire as part of a ‘State of the Chapter’ article.

THE FOLLOWING BOARD MEMBERS were elected to positions in our Nov/Dec election:

President – David Campbell
Vice President (Amador County) – Denise Stephens
Vice President (Calaveras County) – Louise Christy
Vice President (Mariposa County) – Peggy Moore
Vice President (Tuolumne County) – Elizabeth Vass
Secretary – Shelly Davis-King
Treasurer – Letha Kay Goger

SEVERAL FOLKS ARE CONTINUING in the appointed positions they held in 2023. Those chair and coordinators are:

Membership Coordinator – Melissa Booher
Field Trip Coordinator – David Campbell
Newsletter Editor – Doug Krajnovich
Rare Plant Committee Chair – Tom Reyes
Outreach and Engagement Chair – Letha Goger
Webmaster and Technology Coordinator – Letha Goger


Sierra Foothills Chapter, California Native Plant Society
Board Candidate Statements
Fall 2023

David Campbell

I am a vegetation biologist who’d much rather focus on wandering around looking at plants than presiding over the Chapter’s business. After the Chapter’s hiatus between 2020-2022, it was apparent that someone needed to step into the role to get us back on track. My personal goal is to understand, protect, and benefit biodiversity by working with native plants. I love the diversity of our Chapter. My objective as President is to grow our capacity by ensuring the organization remains functional and open for new people to join. I’m proud of what our small team has accomplished in 2023. I look forward to working with our new board and all of you to grow our impact in 2024.

Denise Stephens 

I have lived in Amador County (Jackson) full-time since 2020 and part-time since 1994. Interested in native plants and biodiversity for over 20 years, I have attended a variety of events with the Santa Clara Valley CNPS chapter. My interest in plants runs deep and I have a small native plant garden and my father was a Master Gardener in San Diego County. Retired after 35+ years in education, I have a professional background for organizing events, writing reports, and working with a variety of people. I am bilingual- biliterate in Spanish/English. My husband and I volunteer for the California State Parks as well as the National Forest Service as visitor center hosts. My objective as VP would be to expand interest in and knowledge of native plants in our area.

Louise Christy

With California’s growing population and development, programs like CNPS are crucial to protect the environment we love and depend on. I have a B.S. in Biochemistry from U.C. Davis, and two master’s degrees in fields unrelated to plants. My husband and I recently moved from Santa Clara County to Angels Camp, although we have been hiking and vacationing in the Sierra all our lives. I became a Master Gardener in Santa Clara County in 2011, and have done educational and service projects with them. As VP, I want to extend the mission of CNPS to people who want to protect the biodiversity and beauty of our region. If I could also help with native plant propagation and sales for the chapter, that would be a plus.

Elizabeth Vass

As a native Californian, I have developed a passion for protecting our state’s biodiverse ecosystem. I have witnessed an increase of invasive species, further fueling my desire to take action. As an herbalist trained at the California School of Herbal Studies, I possess a deep appreciation for our area’s native plants and a strong motivation to safeguard our land from invasive species. Seeking to make a difference, I encourage those around me to understand the importance of native plants, threat of invasive species, and methods to restore our lands following natural disasters like fires or floods. With an understanding of local flora, challenges they face, and my skills in public outreach, I am confident that I am well-suited for the Vice President position with CNPS.

Peggy Moore

My name is Peggy Moore, and I’m interested in serving as the Mariposa County Vice President for the Sierra Foothills Chapter of CNPS. I have been a member of CNPS for many years and have both attended and lead field trips in Mariposa County and in Yosemite. I’m interested in the VP position primarily to assist with getting our chapter back in good standing, to help pull field trips together, and to offer educational opportunities to the public and members, alike.

Shelly Davis-King

I am a four-generation Californian with a deep appreciation for our native habitats, and have been a CNPS member for many years. As a professional anthropologist, I have spent a large part of my five-decades career in documenting Native American uses of both native and nonnative plants in California, and have a keen interest in ethnobiology. In retirement I am working on kelp forest restoration, beaver habitat knowledge, cultural burning, and numerous tending strategies by first nations to enhance the physical environment. I am currently an editor for the Society for California Archaeology and am Secretary for the national American Cultural Resources Association. I have strong writing and editorial skills, so I should be able to take minutes at meetings to provide an archive of the organization’s business.

Letha Goger

The biodiversity, native habitats and beauty of the Sierra Foothills hold a special place for me. I believe that we cannot gamble with the future of the Earth and must each discover our part in the local work of protection and restoration of our natural world so we can build a healthy and sustainable future together. As such, I’m firmly committed to the work of the California Native Plant Society and of our Chapter, in particular, to power the native plant movement in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. I am currently chapter Treasurer, Outreach & Engagement Chair and Webmaster. My life focus is on building sustainable and inclusive futures through open knowledge systems, cultural and biological diversity, more sustainable lifestyles, and enjoying family, friends and community.

>>> Detailed information about all board positions may be found here.
We are also seeking candidates for these appointed positions. If interested, please email us at:

Recruits volunteers sufficient to offer one or more native plant sales per year within our chapter area; coordinates all logistics related to plant sale activities; works with the Treasurer to ensure that invoices are paid and revenues reported; represents the chapter at state CNPS plant and nursery-related working group meetings; reports back relevant information to chapter membership.


Works with Outreach and Engagement Committee to build cohesive messaging across the chapter; builds an engaging and consistent presence on chapter social media channels; notifies local media and state CNPS calendaring system of chapter activities; may include preparing press releases and promotional material.

The following board positions are currently filled, but if you have an interest in working in one of these areas, please email your interest to


Chairs Conservation Committee meetings; identifies opportunities to protect native plants and build special projects in the region; provides reports on dates of upcoming Conservation committee meetings and outlines member opportunities for engagement; represents chapter at State CNPS conservation working group meetings, reporting relevant information back to the chapter.

Education & Public Programming Chair (filled)

Chairs Education Committee meetings; represents chapter at State CNPS education-related working groups, reporting back relevant information to the chapter; works with others to grow a Chapter education program in the schools and across the community; recognizes and utilizes a variety of effective methods to provide opportunities for learning that may include school project-based learning and programs, community lecture series, interest groups, book clubs, and  online learning webinars; provides articles for publishing to members about education opportunities within the chapter and at the state CNPS level.

Field Trip Coordinator (filled)

Recruits field trip leaders; publishes a field trip schedule for the upcoming year, preferably no later than March 1, for dissemination to chapter members and friends via newsletter, website, and social media; field trip descriptions shall include date, time, leader name and contact information, and a brief description of destination and difficulty. Field trip leaders are requested, but not required, to send field trip reports to the Newsletter editor.

Membership Coordinator (filled)

Maintains chapter membership records;  notifies state CNPS office of any corrections; provides lists of members and interested others to newsletter editor and for uploading to chapter email system; provides a chapter membership data report to the Board on a quarterly basis; attends state CNPS membership-related working groups and brings relevant information back to the Chapter.


Maintains and stores the chapter stock of merchandise including books, t-shirts, and posters (excluding plants); works with the Outreach Committee to provide material for chapter outreach and engagement campaigns; orders sale items from State CNPS store; ensures invoices and other related costs and revenues are reported to the Chapter Treasurer in a timely basis.

Native Plant Gardening Chair (filled)

Chairs committee meetings; represent the Chapter to state Gardening working groups and bring back relevant information to the Chapter; create articles for publishing that build member awareness of CNPS gardening resources, such as BLOOM! California, CalScape, gardening webinars, gardener ambassador program, and more; provide opportunities for building member knowledge and skills around gardening with native plants in homes and public spaces.

Newsletter Editor (filled)

Edits and publishes chapter newsletter on a monthly or bimonthly basis; ensures all Board members are aware of publishing deadlines and submission requirements and protocols; works with others on the Outreach Committee to coordinate messaging across the chapter; ensures newsletter content is aligned to chapter goals and reviews scientific information for accuracy.

Outreach and Engagement Chair (filled)

Chair committee meetings; represents the Chapter at State CNPS Communication working group  meetings and reports relevant information back to the Chapter; ensures mechanisms are in place for robust communication within the chapter to members; works alongside newsletter editor, social media coordinator and webmaster to coordinate chapter messaging and ensure the broadest possible reach across all media channels to members and interested individuals; coordinates outreach campaigns and materials.

Rare Plants Program Chair (filled)

Chairs Rare Plant Committee meetings; identifies opportunities to increase the knowledge, population data, and protect native plants in the region, engaging chapter in survey work, data collection, and special projects; provides reports on dates of upcoming Conservation committee meetings and outlines member opportunities for engagement; represents chapter at State CNPS conservation and rare plant working group meetings, reporting relevant information back to the chapter. 

Webmaster (filled)

Works with state CNPS tech team to ensure chapter website is robust and able to support features rolled out at the state level for use locally; maintains chapter WordPress website; works with the Outreach and Engagement Committee to build protocols for a cohesive online presence for the chapter; builds chapter utilization of CNPS shared Microsoft applications designed to build efficiency in the chapter.

The Sierra Foothills Chapter covers a large region that includes Mariposa, Tuolumne, Calaveras, and Amador counties. Our chapter is home to some of the most diverse and exquisite native plant ecosystems in the world. There are many opportunities for engagement!

We are protecting wild places and promoting the use of California native plants in gardens and public spaces.