DATE: Sunday, April 16, 2023

LEADER: Doug Krajnovich
LEVEL: Part 1 – Easy / Part 2 – Moderate
DESCRIPTION: For Part 1, we will botanize the unique serpentine flora of Red Hills, Jamestown, starting around the main parking lot. Then drive to the North Serpentine Loop and walk up the road and along the creek. Those who want a shorter, gentler hike can turn around at any time during Part 1. For those who wish  to continue, Part 2 will follow the Railroad Grade trail back to the main PL (total walking distance 4-5 miles).
MEETING PLACE: Main parking lot with picnic tables and outhouse on south side of Red Hills Road.
RSVP AND MORE INFORMATION: or call – (209) 580-4595 (no cell)

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