DATE: Saturday, June 10, 2023

LEADER: Barry & Judy Breckling, with Tim Kuhn or Mel Steller, Yosemite National Park Restoration Ecologists
DESCRIPTION: Four hundred acres of Ackerson Meadow, an area of critical wetlands and meadow habitat, were added to Yosemite National Park in 2016. We’ll wander through the meadow itself and visit nearby areas that have interesting plants. Tim Kuhn or Mel Steller will also be present to discuss the upcoming massive restoration project to repair the head cut creek and restore wetland hydrology and wetland plant species.
MEETING PLACE: Library Parking Lot, Groveland, just east of Mary Lavaroni Park on Main Street, Highway 120, or at Ackerson Meadow Dirt Parking Lot.
TIME: 9:15 AM in Groveland, 10 am (ish) at Ackerson Meadow Dirt Parking lot.
RSVP and MORE INFORMATION: Barry & Judy Breckling, or (209) 878-3041

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