Five-finger fern, Adiantum aleuticum, Granite Lake, Trinity Alps, July 11, 2020 © Chris Harvey

Help Us Conserve Our Natural Areas

Here are some resources for getting involved!

  • Watch for upcoming opportunities in our Blog.
  • Check out our Facebook page, Shasta Chapter of the California Native Plant Society.
  • Contact us at and tell us what you’re interested in doing!

Conservation Links

Shasta snow-wreath, Neviusia cliftonii, a CNPS List 1B.2 rare species, Waters Gulch Trail Field Trip, April 24, 2022 © Chris Harvey
California pink, Silene laciniata ssp. californica. Whiskeytown Falls, July 29, 2020 © Chris Harvey

Shasta Chapter Resources

California poppies, Lema Ranch © Margaret Widdowson
Hummingbird sage, and showy penstemon and white sage in the background, all grown from seed at volunteers’ homes, Online 2020 Fall Native Plant Sale © Margaret Widdowson
View southeast from Mt. Shasta, September 2020 © José O. Hernández