Sonoma sage, Salvia sonomensis, West Weaver Creek, September 2020 © John Springer


The reproduction of plants by sowing seeds, rooting cuttings, or dividing propagules or other plant material.

About Propagation Sessions

Propagation sessions are frequently held during fall and winter to grow plants in time for the spring plant sales.  Plants held over the summer are monitored (health checked, spot watered, and weeded as needed) by our volunteers until they are sold at the fall plant sales.  Most of our plants are propagated from seeds or cuttings from local sources.

In 2018, the Chapter implemented CNPS’s best management practices (BMPs), which reduce the risk of Phytophthoras and other plant pathogens.  These practices increase the health and robustness of our plants.

Our Chapter’s plant propagation sessions are a good time for volunteers to get together, learn from each other, and grow plants

Help Us Propagate

Join us at our plant propagation sessions as we work with seeds, seedlings, cuttings, and starts to grow California native plants to sell at our native plant sales.  No experience is needed; we are happy to teach!

Depending on what’s growing in the nursery, we will sow seeds, set cuttings, and/or shift some plants to larger containers.  We’ll also label and generally weed and primp plants for upcoming plant sales.

Just as we observe BMPs (better management practices) for healthier plants, we may also observe M&S (masking and spacing) for healthier humans; masks will be provided.*

Time and Place

To join us, check the calendar for the next scheduled propagation session. Propagation sessions are normally held on Shasta College horticulture department’s nursery grounds.  (See map.)  We work outdoors, so dress for the weather and bring water!  For more information or questions, please contact us at

*Please Note
As COVID-19 continues to circulate with its latest subvariants, propagation sessions may be limited to smaller numbers of participants.  Social distancing and masking when appropriate are encouraged per CDC recommendations.  To reserve a space at the next session and receive further information, please email the Chapter at

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Pre-pandemic propagation session on November 24, 2019 © Doug Mandel
Cuttings from the February propagation session leafing out at the Shasta College greenhouse, March 1, 2022 © MaryAnn McCrary
Gallon plants for sale © Margaret Widdowson
Firecracker-flower, Dichelostemma ida-maia © Greg Lockett
Close-up of Indian’s-dream, Aspidotis densa. Davis Gulch Trail, January 10, 2021 © Don Burk
Lema Ranch, Redding, California poppies © Margaret Widdowson