Phoenicaulis, Phoenicaulis cheiranthoides, Modoc County © Paul Davis

Get Involved!

We invite our members as well as the general public to get involved in our Chapter to help increase our offerings and effectiveness as we advocate for our native flora. Help support our mission to protect, conserve, and enjoy California’s native plants and their habitats! Shasta Chapter is entirely volunteer-run, and there are lots of opportunities to get involved. Consider joining our leadership team or getting involved in one of our committees.

Please contact us if you wish to volunteer your skills, knowledge, and passions to our cause!  And if you are not already, do consider becoming a member, or perhaps donating to CNPS.  Your contributions greatly help our mission!

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Internet Technology

Help with all things digital is probably our #1 need currently. This is the arena in which Shasta Chapter is growing by leaps and bounds. While very exciting, we need more people to contribute and help manage various platforms. Experience is a plus but not crucial! We are very happy to teach!

  • Webmaster. We need a dedicated webmaster for our new, awesome official Chapter website!  (This one!  Which is a WordPress site.)
  • Blog contributor. Our “newsletter” or blog site needs constant maintenance.  We need people to help post articles as they come in. (Another WordPress site.)
  • Social Media administrators. Help keep our social media presence fresh and up to date by making and sharing relevant posts. We currently have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

Interim Secretary

This elected position has been vacant for some time, with Board members filling in as needed. Duties include taking minutes at meetings, writing thank-you notes to speakers, general correspondence, and dissemination of information to others. A volunteer for this position may simply fill in until elections, without committing to run for the office.

Programs Chair

This Board-appointed position is responsible for lining up speakers, in-person or virtual, for monthly membership meetings. They also help facilitate logistics for out-of-area speakers.


Our Conservation Committee Chair, David Ledger, is always on the lookout for enthusiastic conservationists to help out, whether its manual labor out in the field or writing comment/support letters.

Field Trips

Share your favorite hike destination with Field Trip Committee Chair Chris Harvey! He will make it happen and provide support for you to lead it. You do not have to be able to identify the plants! Or, write up a Chapter hike or one of your own, to be posted on our blog.

Plant Propagation

Due to water restrictions, our nursery is on hold, but we have every expectation to hold a Spring 2023 plant sale.  This will mean renewed propagation sessions, to which all are invited!  Sign up as a volunteer to get first notice at!


Would you like to have more say in the direction that your Chapter takes? Consider becoming a Member-at-Large. This appointed position allows you a vote in all Board decisions. Or participate at the State level by attending quarterly Chapter Council Meetings, and report back to the Board.

Other areas in which you could help include: sitting at booths and talking to the public about our Chapter; working with sales; becoming a member of the scholarship committee; helping with membership; and so much more! Our volunteers are vital to our continued success. How can you help? Whether you have a specific interest or just want to be a generalist volunteer, drop us a line at and let us know. Thank you; we are counting on you!

Pre-pandemic popagation session on November 24, 2019 © Doug Mandel
Bob Madison, Chris Harvey, and Shirley Martin, working together to get a good photo of purple fritillary, Fritillaria atropurpurea, on the East Weaver Creek Trail hike of May 21, 2022 © Doug Mandel

Support Our Mission & Get Involved!

Field trippers at the Kangaroo Lake overlook on the Fen Trail © John Westphal


Become a CNPS member and show your support of native plants!

Pacific hound’s-tongue, Cynoglossum grande, Redding, California © Don Burk


Give to CNPS to support our work throughout California.

Hiking the PCT on Hat Creek Rim, Mt. Lassen in the background © Don Burk


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