Silver bush lupine and California poppies at Lema Ranch © Margaret Widdowson

Creating a Native Plant Garden

California Native Plant Society’s website has so much information on basic gardening it’ll make your head spin! There you will find everything you will ever need to know about gardening with California native plants, from the ground up.

Gardening and Horticulture
© Greg Lockett

Native Plant Gardening in the Shasta Chapter Region

Once you’ve got the basics, come back here to fine-tune your gardening knowledge with Shasta Chapter region-specific information: What grows best here in our soils, under our climatic conditions? What are the unique features of these plants? Where can these species be purchased? What are the best fire-hardy plants for our area?

Let us help you on your journey from dreaming and choosing native plants, to planting, maintaining, and establishing them!

Bleeding hearts we potted up from the Matson-Mowder-Howe Celebration Garden were looking perfect in their pots just around mid-April; the smaller plants, lower left, are Catalina perfume or evergreen currant, Ribes viburnifolium © Margaret Widdowson
Sonoma sage, Salvia sonomensis, West Weaver Creek, September 2020 © John Springer
Douglas Iris, Iris douglasiana, blooming in March in Susan’s native plant garden © Susan Libonati-Barnes

Good Native Plants for the Shasta Chapter Region (Coming soon!)

Learn what native plants grow well here!

A happy Sarah, spreading wood chip mulch at the Matson-Mowder-Howe Celebration Garden, Caldwell Park, Redding. April 10, 2021 © Doug Mandel