Indian-warrior, Pedicularis densiflora © Chris Harvey

Shasta Chapter’s Executive Board

Shasta Chapter’s Executive Board consists of four elected officers, and all appointed committee chairpersons and members at large.

Shasta Chapter is governed by a set of by-laws that are periodically updated. Our current set of bylaws were adopted on March 31, 2023. This is a public document: Shasta Chapter By-laws

Turtle Bay on the Sacramento River, Redding, California © Susan Libonati-Barnes

Executive Board Contacts

Elected Officers

Position Name Email Phone
President Amy Henderson
Vice-President Don Burk
Treasurer John Springer (530) 917-0567
Secretary Open

Standing Committee Chairpersons

Position Name Email Phone
Chapter Editor Laurie Burk (530) 347-0849
Conservation Chairperson David Ledger (530) 355-8542
Field Trip Chairperson Chris Harvey
Grants Committee Chairperson Analia Bertucci
Invasive Exotics Chairperson MaryAnn McCrary
Membership Chairperson Susan Gallaugher (530) 246-3815
Plant Propagation Coordinator Susan Libonati-Barnes (530) 515-9247
Programs Chairperson Open
Rare Plant Chairperson Don Burk
Scholarship Chairperson Don Burk
Webmaster Open

Ad Hoc Committee Chairpersons

Position Name Email Phone
Sales Chairperson Robin Fallscheer
Native Garden Tour Chairperson Open


Name Email Phone
Chris McCarron
Jana Peters
Pre-pandemic propagation session on November 24, 2019 © Doug Mandel
Snowplants (Sarcodes sanguinea), Lassen Volcanic National Park. May 28, 2022 © David Ledger
Volunteers preparing a bucket of yarrow divisions for planting at the AFTA Seeds of Regrowth event © Bud Widdowson