Events & Education

Exploration, investigation, and wonderment

California poppies © Liv O’Keeffe


Shasta Chapter CNPS sponsors lectures, presentations, meetups, and other events throughout the year. Everyone is welcome—CNPS members and general public alike. We are passionate about native plants and hope that you will be, too!

Shasta Chapter Resources

Firecracker-flower, Dichelostemma ida-maia © Greg Lockett
Hummingbird sage, and showy penstemon and white sage in the background, all grown from seed at volunteers’ homes, Online 2020 Fall Native Plant Sale © Margaret Widdowson
Field trippers at the Kangaroo Lake overlook on the Fen Trail on July 20 © John Westphal
View of Mt. Shasta from Panther Meadows © John Springe
California poppies, Lema Ranch, Redding © Margaret Widdowson
Double honeysuckle, Lonicera conjugialis, East Boulder Lake, July 16, 2021 © Chris Harvey