Protecting our communities and habitats

Hog Lake, Sacramento River Bend Recreation Area. Looking northeast towards Lassen Peak © José O. Hernández


Shasta Chapter is active in native plant species and community conservation, both locally and statewide. We attend informal meetings with local government leaders, speak at formal public meetings, and write letters opposing or supporting projects that affect conservation issues. We also help to conserve native plant species by monitoring rare and threatened plant species’ populations, collect seeds for seed banks (with permits and under strict guidelines), and conduct rare plant surveys. Further conservation efforts occur through the support of research scholarship funding.


One of the most important aspects of conservation is educating the general public and elected government leaders about native plant communities and how various projects may affect these natural areas. Learning about individual species increases one’s familiarity with plants and their communities and increases appreciation for our local wild areas.

Educational efforts occur through meetings, news and social media, and our Blog. Education about plant species and their communities or habitats occurs during guided field trips and other outdoor activities.

Hands-on education includes small restoration projects in the wild and in suburbia. This varies from gathering, planting, and watering acorns in an effort to revegetate wildfire-burned lands; supplying free plants to wildfire survivors for their home landscapes; awarding grants for small community gardens at schools and businesses; and participating in local creek and other natural area cleanups.


Our Chapter is proud of the partners that help and encourage each other to conserve our natural areas. Teaming up with other organizations by writing joint letters increases the impact of our views.

Help Us Conserve Our Natural Areas

Here are some resources for getting involved!

  • Watch for upcoming opportunities in our Blog.
  • Check out our Facebook page, Shasta Chapter of the California Native Plant Society.
  • Contact us at and tell us what you’re interested in doing!

Quick and Easy Conservation Letter Writing
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Yana Trail, Sacramento River Bend Recreation Area © José O. Hernández
Field trippers pose at the base of this enormous yellow pine, Lassen Volcanic National Park Conifer Field Trip, May 28, 2022 © Doug Mandel

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Close-up of Indian’s-dream, Aspidotis densa. Davis Gulch Trail, January 10, 2021 © Don Burk
California poppies, Lema Ranch, Redding © Margaret Widdowson