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Preserving genetic diversity


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In nature, most plants reproduce through seeds after pollination, whether by bees, other insects, or the wind. Each seed is genetically unique, carrying the blueprints for a plant with slightly different traits compared to all others in the population. This genetic diversity is crucial for survival under challenging environmental conditions such as drought, heat, flooding, cold, or pollution.

Growing native plants from seeds is a great way to cultivate a resilient population of plants that are best adapted to your local garden’s conditions. Additionally, it is budget-friendly, making sustainable gardening accessible to everyone. Furthermore, it offers the opportunity to cultivate rare plants not available in any nursery, giving your garden a unique touch with a diverse array of plants and animals.

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Mastering Seeds - Collecting and Storing

Photo credit: Silke Gathmann

Collecting Seeds

Legal, ethical, and efficient

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Storing Seeds

Clean, dry, and labeled

Meet our CNPS San Diego Native Seeds & Bulbs Team

The CNPSSD Seeds and Bulbs Team gathers and sells California native plant seeds and bulbs for homes and schools. We provide seeds from native annuals, perennials, and mature bulbs, including those from rare plants at risk of disappearing.

Our seeds come from trusted farms, home growers, and responsibly collected colonies with landowner permissions. Despite challenges in collecting due to our small gardens, our dedicated volunteers work hard to gather and clean seeds, offering you the opportunity to grow native plants and attract wildlife. We prioritize wild-pollinated seeds to preserve genetic diversity, ensuring unique plants in your garden.

With about 10 daily workers and 60 volunteers, we organize seed collecting, cleaning and packaging events, and remote tasks. Sign up for updates on events and projects if you’d like to join us!

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Photo credit: Silke Gathmann

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I learned so much about collecting, identifying, and storing native plant seeds by volunteering with the Seeds & Bulbs team!



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