Public Outreach

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Photo credit: Silke Gathmann

Our vibrant CNPS San Diego chapter, with its over 1500 members, actively engages in a myriad of activities to advance our mission, from workshops and talks to guided nature walks, hands-on habitat restoration projects, conservation efforts and our annual garden tour and plant sale.

The vital role of our public outreach work is to share the exciting breadth of our work by engaging with the general public through education and partnerships.

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Meet our Public Outreach Team!

Join our CNPS San Diego’s Public Outreach Team!

The Public Outreach Committee is dedicated to promoting support for native plants. Through educational content and engaging presentations, we aim to inspire action in conservation efforts, scientific understanding, and gardening practices. By fostering public interest, we contribute to important goals such as preserving biodiversity, enhancing habitats, conserving water, and reducing chemical usage.

Get involved and make a difference by sharing knowledge and inspiring positive change in our community! We offer flexible time commitments and provide training. Plus, you’ll always work with a supportive team.

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Photo credit: Sherry Ashbaugh