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Propagation covers all aspects of cultivating plants within a nursery setting. With our CNPS San Diego Native Plant Nursery located at the Tecolote Nature Center in Bay Park, we play a pivotal role in supporting the chapter’s mission to enhance wildlife and biodiversity in the area by consistently producing a diverse range of healthy, thriving native plants.

The plants nurtured in our nursery serve multiple purposes. They are made available through our annual Plant Sale for use in private gardens, contributing directly to our Chapter’s fundraising efforts. Additionally, they are critical elements in our habitat restoration initiatives across San Diego’s canyons and open spaces.

Meet Our San Diego Propagation Team

Join the CNPS San Diego Propagation Team!

Together we learn, share, experiment, and apply guided methods known to improve success of sometimes challenging plants to grow. We also provide specific resources and cultivate dialogue on improving CNPS member goals for growing plants at home.

Learn to grow your favorite natives in an a collaborative way alongside some of the most accomplished native plant growers in the County!

Start plants from seeds, cuttings, & transplanting.  Discuss soil mixes, irrigation and watering, nursery layout, best management for health, plant ID, seed collection, & mulch more!

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