Habitat Restoration

Helping nature help itself


Photo credit: Silke Gathmann

For many habitat conservation efforts today, especially in the densely populated coastal areas of San Diego County, it is not sufficient to just protect the area and let nature take its course. In some areas, the damage caused by human exploitation is too severe for the ecosystem to recover on its own within reasonable time – think excessive garbage accumulation, clear-cutting of forests, or channelization of streams and rivers. In other areas, there is heavy pressure from invasive species making it hard for natives to reestablish themselves – widely known examples of invasive species are Pampas Grass and Tree of Heaven.

This is where habitat restoration plays a key role by actively helping nature to reestablish functioning habitats and ecosystems.

Join our efforts and become a steward of renewal!

The Art of Habitat Restoration

Photo credit: Bob Byrnes

How We Restore Habitats

Helping native plants to reclaim lost habitat

Photo credit: Silke Gathmann

Where We Restore Habitats

Big challenges – bigger accomplishments!

Meet the Habitat Restoration Team

Join the CNPS San Diego Habitat Restoration Team!

The Habitat Restoration Team restores open space.  We do this with volunteers who get hands-on training working with a lead person.  Each work day we make incremental improvements using recruitment restoration principles.

So far we have restored over a thousand acres at Artesian Creek and Blue Sky Ecological Reserve and we are working on many more acres in the San Dieguito River watershed.

Bob Byrnes and Arne Johanson are the current co-chairs. They lead training/work parties. No prior knowledge is required; however, the ability to walk on uneven ground and a desire to help and learn are.

Join us today!
Photo credit: Sherry Ashbaugh

We were so grateful for all the support from the CNPS San Diego habitat restoration team after the terrible Witch Creek fire of 2007. It is amazing how the reserve has grown back to its original beauty.


Annie Ransom

President, Friends of Blue Sky Canyon, Poway

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