A Rainbow of Spring, Summer and Fall Native Wildflowers
for Your Garden!

Our Online Spring Native Plant Sale Is Sunday, April 28!

Our 2024 Spring Plant Sale is small but special. All plants have been grown by our members propagating at home and/or in our nursery.  We’ll have about 360 plants from 44 species available. Almost all are locally native species, which will blossom in a rainbow of brilliant colors: red, orange, yellow, blue, purple and even green.

We’ll hold our online Native Plant Sale on Sunday, April 28 via our online Redbud store. (Link is NOT ACTIVE until store opens on April 28.)

  • 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for CNPS members only — with access code only
  • 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. for general public — no code required

Several days before the sale, we’ll send a special email to all current CNPS members who list the Redbud Chapter as one of their two chapter affiliations. This email will have the code that allows members to log into the store during the member sale.

You will need to pay for your order, via credit card, at the time of sale.

Plant List!

Check back here several weeks before the sale for a preliminary plant list. (We’ll post a final list before the sale.) You can check on Calscape for images and useful information for any plant on our list.

In our April 2024 Redbud News, we feature several of colorful plants that will be available. This includes:

    • Grand Hound’s Tongue (Adelina grande)
    • California Helianthella (Helianthella californica)
    • Narrowleaf Mule’s Ears (Wyethia angustifolia)
    • California Lomatium (Lomatium californicum)
    • Native Cinquefoil (Drymocallis glandulosa)
    • Cliff Maids (Lewisia cotyledon ‘Sunset Strain’)
    • California Snowdrop Bush (Styrax redivivus)
    • Western Redbud (Cercis occidentalis)
    • Bleeding Hearts (Dicentra formosa)
    • Azure Penstemon (Penstemon azureus)
    • Foothill Penstemon (Penstemon heterophyllus)
    • Sierra Gooseberry (Ribes roezlii)
    • Western Spice Bush (Calycanthus occidentalis)

Plant Pickup

Once you complete your plant purchase, you’ll be prompted to sign up for a pick-up time. Pick-up times, available only via a Sign-Up.com link you’ll get during checkout, are Saturday, May 4, 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

  • You need to reserve a pickup time only for your first purchase. All your orders will be combined for you to pick up at the time you reserve.
  • When you reserve your time, you’ll receive the address where you’ll pick up your plants. The pickup site is near Bennett and Brunswick in Grass Valley.
  • If you show up to get your plants without an appointment, they likely won’t be ready.

We are so grateful to our Redbud nursery volunteers and home-growers, who have been working hard for months to propagate (mostly local) native plant species.

Overview of Plant Sale

When the sale begins, we’ll open our online Redbud store, where you will be able to see plant photos and find information about each species for sale, including cultivation requirements. Before the store opens, we’ll post a link here to Redbud’s Calscape plant sale list, where you can find info and photos of the plants we’ll have for sale.

Among plants we’ll feature at this sale is Grand Hound’s Tongue (Adelinia grande). This groundcover perennial is great for pollinators. In our area, it prefers a relatively shady area, and well-draining but moisture-retentive rich soil.