Native Plants for EVERY Redbud's Biggest Plant Sale of the Year!

Starting to imagine what California native plants to add to your landscape this fall? We’re lining up a terrific array of Native Plants for EVERY Garden, so you can get plants that you’ll love and that do well where you live.

Online Sale October 7

We’ll hold our online Native Plant Sale on Saturday, October 7 via our online Redbud store. (Link is not active until store opens on Oct 7.)

  • 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. for CNPS members only — with access code only
  • 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. for general public — no code required

Several days before the sale, we’ll send a special email to all current CNPS members who list the Redbud Chapter as one of their two chapter affiliations. This email will have the code that allows members to log into the store during the member sale.

Plant List!

Great news — our full plant list is already available!  This includes the plants propagated and grown at our own nursery, plus plants we’ll have from other sources. Also check out our version of this list as a Calscape plant list. Not only will you immediately see a thumbnail of each plant; a single click takes you to information on any plant on this list. You’ll find more photos, plant description, landscaping information, companion plants, natural setting and more.

We were successful beyond our expectations in growing several species. So, as you’ll easily see on the plant list, we’re offering several “must have” native species at sale prices. These include our chapter namesake, western redbud (Cercis occidentalis); monarch butterfly hosts showy and narrowleaf milkweed (Asclepias speciosa and A. fascicularis); Cleveland and hummingbird sage (Salvia clevelandii and S. spathacea); California coffeeberry (Frangula californica); and tufted hairgrass (Deschampsia cespitosa).

We’ll also have several premium plants, including the rare Pitkin’s Marsh Lily (Lillium pardalinum ssp. pitkinense), Lemmon’s ginger (Asarum lemmonii), and cliffmaids (Lewisia cotyledon).

Plant Pickup

Once you complete your plant purchase, you’ll be prompted to sign up for a pick-up time. Pick-up times, available only via a link you’ll get during checkout, are Sunday, October 15, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

We are so grateful to our Redbud nursery volunteers and home-growers, who have been working hard for months to propagate (mostly local) native plant species.

Overview of Plant Sale

When the sale begins, we’ll open our online Redbud store, where you will be able to see plant photos and find information about each species for sale, including cultivation requirements. Before the store opens, we’ll post a link here to Redbud’s Calscape plant sale list, where you can find info and photos of the plants we’ll have for sale.

Among plants we’ll feature at this sale is California snowdrop (Styrax redivivus). This shrub is great for pollinators. In our area, it prefers a bit of shade and some water. It is easy to grow, though takes a little while to attain mature size.