We live in a botanical treasure trove!

There are over 2000 species of plants that grow in the area represented by Placer and Nevada Counties. That’s over 1/3rd of the number of species that grow in California. We have a unique position in the state. The elevation differences across our transect of the Sierra NevadasĀ  amount to a great diversity of habitats and the organisms that fill them. We often find ourselves to be the southernmost range for plants commonly known from the Cascade and Klamath ranges. We often find ourselves to be the northern most range for for plants known only in the southern part of the Sierras. And we have some disjunct populations of coastal species as well, a relic of past geographic distrubutions.

The Redbud Chapter has researched, written and published two books covering over 700 wildflowers, shrubs and trees of Nevada and Placer Counties. A second edition of our Wildflowers book was published in Spring 2017. Those can be purchased from the CNPS store using the following links: Trees and ShrubsWildflowers

The resources here will help locals get better acquainted with their local environment and inform the curious elsewhere.

Local Native Plants

Learn about your local native plants in the wild.

Our Ecology

Learn about the habitats and ecosystems found in Nevada and Placer Counties.

Wild Places Here

Find out about publicly accessible trails and other areas to see native plants.