Here is a list of our current open board positions and committee chairs.

Nevada County Advocacy/Conservation Chair

In collaboration with Placer County Chair for Advocacy/Conservation and the Chair for Rare Plants, Track environmental issues and development proposals with significant impact on native plants in Nevada and Placer Counties. Monitor the advocacy activities of the CNPS state office. Provide a summary/status report of advocacy activities at each Board meeting. Recruit and train advocates to review and comment on Draft EIRs and participate in other public comment opportunities concerning impacts/effects on native plants and preservation of native plant communities. Consult state CNPS library of sample EIR comments and other resources related to environmental issues. Collaborate with other environmental organizations to coordinate efforts and enhance impact of CNPS advocacy.

Monitor State CNPS and other activities that are of interest or may require Redbud action. Keep the Board and the membership informed on conservation activities/issues. Propose activities/events to the Board that could be used to involve members and the public. In collaboration with Rare Plant Chair and Advocacy Chair, oversee the review and commenting on draft environmental impact reports (EIRs) and related documents concerning impacts/effects on native plants

Program Chair

Develop and maintain a list of speakers. Recommend a schedule of programs to the Board. Contact and schedule speakers and obtain information about their presentations, including title and description, their biographical information, and photos for publicity. Provide this information, a schedule of the programs, and a brief draft description of each program to Newsletter Editor, Publicity Chair, and Web Editor for publication and advertising. Reserve meeting rooms and arrange with Treasurer/Assistant Treasurer for rental contracts, payment of rental fees, and insurance as necessary. Recommend programs sponsored by other organizations that may be of interest to Redbud members

Field Trip Chair

Develop and maintain a list of field trip locations and trip leaders/hosts. Recommend annual field trips to the Board. Coordinate the scheduling of field trips with the hosts. Obtain necessary permits or permissions for field trips trips and, if necessary, insurance. Monitor field trip schedules of other organizations for activities of interest to our members and to avoid conflicts. Provide written descriptions of field trips to Newsletter Editor and Publicity Chair for use in the chapter newsletter, on the web page and Facebook pages, on the CNPS state calendar, and for advertising to the public. Develop and maintain a list of field trip trail guides/assistants to provide CNPS membership and Redbud chapter information to field trip participants.


Keep files of all financial correspondence and maintain accounts of the transactions of the chapter, including its assets, liabilities, receipts, and disbursements. Deposit all monies and other valuables in the name of and to the credit of the chapter. Disburse funds of the chapter as may be ordered by the Board of Directors. Track and maintain inventory records. Maintain and provide cash boxes. Render to the Board, upon request, an account of the financial transactions.

Provide the CNPS State Treasurer annually with a financial report for the calendar year and quarterly with a report on taxable sales. Maintain lists of wholesale customers and their resale numbers. With the aid of the president and the committee chairs, submit an annual budget for the chapter to the Board of Directors for approval and provide accounting for all chapter spending. Obtain and maintain records of sales permits and/or insurance for events, and ensure contracts for purchases, services, or rental are complete and in accordance with CNPS guidelines.

The Treasurer may recruit and select, subject to Board approval, a Treasurer-in-training who will learn to perform, and who will complete as assigned, the functions of the Treasurer. If subsequently elected, the Treasurer-in-training becomes Treasurer and serves a two-year term. If authorized by CNPS, Redbud may employ a contract accountant/bookkeeper to perform, under the Treasurer’s supervision, portions of the Treasurer’s responsibilities, including responsibilities required by the CNPS state office.

Volunteer Chair

Coordinate recruitment, assignment, and recognition of volunteers for Plant Sales and other Redbud activities and projects. Develop, maintain, and update annotated list(s) of volunteer names and contact information, as well as prospective volunteers. Manage “Sign-Up Genius” (online application) database of job descriptions, time slots, & volunteers.

Ethnobotany Chair

Keep the Board and the membership informed about ethnobotany activities and issues. Plan and initiate activities to the Board that could be used to involve chapter members and the public. Hold committee meetings and plan field trips related to Ethnobotany. Act as the chapter liaison with other groups interested in ethnobotany and as the public contact point for questions related to ethnobotany.

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