Here is a list of our current open board positions and committee chairs.

Program Chair

Develop and maintain a list of speakers. Recommend a schedule of programs to the Board. Contact and schedule speakers and obtain information about their presentations, including title and description, their biographical information, and photos for publicity. Provide this information, a schedule of the programs, and a brief draft description of each program to Newsletter Editor, Publicity Chair, and Web Editor for publication and advertising. Reserve meeting rooms and arrange with Treasurer/Assistant Treasurer for rental contracts, payment of rental fees, and insurance as necessary. Recommend programs sponsored by other organizations that may be of interest to Redbud members

Volunteer Chair

Coordinate recruitment, assignment, and recognition of volunteers for Plant Sales and other Redbud activities and projects. Develop, maintain, and update annotated list(s) of volunteer names and contact information, as well as prospective volunteers. Manage “Sign-Up Genius” (online application) database of job descriptions, time slots, & volunteers.

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